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The Fiber Connector is one of the most essential components for optical communication. It mate or connect with optical devices, modules, and fibers. Fiber connector is also the key part used in fiber Patch cord and fiber Pigtail.
While are many different types of fiber connectors, they share similar design characteristics. There are three major components of a fiber connector: the ferrule, the connector body, and the coupling mechanism.
R&H provides Single-mode, Multi-mode, Angle-polished Fiber Connector assemblies with stable qualities that use high quality Ceramic Ferrules. We offer an array of Fiber Connector kits and fiber adapters for FC, SC,ST, LC, and MU configurations.

FC optical fiber connector

ST 90" optical fiber connector

LC optical fiber connector

LC APC optical fiber connector

ST optical fiber connector

ST APC09 optical fiber connector

SC optical fiber connector

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