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Enterprise Communication Network To perform business activities strategically, an intensive communication network of high reliability is crucial. The communication needs of private enterprises require higher capacities and better integration capabilities, converging data, voice, and video streams to a single platform. Most organizations have been adding capacity to their data network by upgrading networking equipments and devices, while upgrading equipments is just a first step to go, to aligning with high performance fiber optic cabling is the only way to have network performance optimization. R&H's highly reliable fiber optic interconnects and assembly products serve the needs.

R&H's comprehensive range of fiber optic interconnect and assembly products serve extensive enterprise optical network applications, which includes:

‧ Local Area Networks (LANs)
‧ Storage Area Networks (SANs)
‧ Data Center Structured Cabling
‧ Video over IP Networks

Our interconnect solutions are flexible enough to fit for customer's application design. At the same time we provide very high levels of reliability and design flexibility to easily accommodate individual needs of each enterprise network deployment.

Apart from the 10 Gigabit network structure which has become the current fashion, we are also well prepared for a series of next generation interconnect solutions, that will be ideal for future upgrade into 40Gig / 100Gig infrastructure application.


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