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     Fiber optic splice closures provide a protective enclosure for the splicing of optical fibers that are contained in optical fiber cables.
This allows for the connection or fusion splicing of fibers within the digital transmission to be continuous from one point to another without interruption.
Outdoor fiber cables ends come into the splice closure and the optical fibers of these cables can be connected by splicing them together. The jointed optical fibers are put into the fiber optic trays which are installed inside the splice closure. By using the fiber optic trays it is easy to organize the optical fiber connections. Both the fiber tray and the fiber splice closure help protect the fibers and cables inside.


Fiber optic closure RHCA3

Fiber optic closure RHCB3

Fiber optic closure RHCB2

Fiber optic closure RHCB1

Fiber optic closure RHCB11

Fiber optic closure RHCA2

Fiber optic closure RHCA1

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